Friday, August 12, 2016

MAC Collection 2016: Trolls

Finally, the long-awaited Trolls collection has arrived in stores. I have been super excited for this upcoming collection because of the bright packaging. And also, who didn't love Trolls when they were a kid?

Although, this collection isn't for everyone. It includes many bright and colourful shades which aren't as wearable as many other MAC collections have been. I picked up the most wearable products as I'm not the type of girl who leaves make-up in my drawers for special occasions only. Here is what I purchased from the MAC 2016 Trolls Collection:

The first products I brought were the beauty powders. The two powders from this collection both have a pearlised finish and work really well as soft highlighters. I used the pink-toned one, named 'Play It Proper', for a setting powder underneath my eyes the other night and although the pigmentation wasn't great to stand alone, it really helped brighten the dark circles under my eyes (I have many!). I haven't yet used the gold-toned one named 'Glo Rida' yet, but just swatching it alone, I can tell that it is much more pigmented. I actually prefer to use highlighters that have more gold specks in so this powder looks perfect! 

I finally brought some lipglasses! I don't own any lipglasses from MAC so when I saw that these were part of the collection, I had to buy them. There are four available in this collection but the ones I purchased are 'Bubble Butt' and 'Glitter Grunge'. I don't tend to wear many lipglosses, purely because I can't stand it when my hair sticks to my lips, but when I swatched these in the shop, they were beautiful, I just had to buy them. Also, isn't the packaging the cutest thing!?

Finally, I brought a lipstick. A girl can never own too many lipsticks, right? Again, there are four lipsticks available. As I said before, this collection is full of bright colours so it was a hard choice choosing a colour. The one I chose is called 'Midnight Troll'. It is a matte finish (my favourite) and is a beautiful electric blue colour. Although this colour isn't easily wearable, I decided to buy it as it would be great for any fancy dress events. Especially as mermaids are my go-to! 

I hope you've enjoyed seeing some of the MAC Trolls collection. I just want to apologise for not posting in a while but I'm back and have tons of new products to show you!


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