Monday, December 5, 2016

Kylie Cosmetics - Koko Kollection

I've been loving Kylie Cosmetics (a brand created by Kylie Jenner) for a while now but haven't yet made a post about them. I've spent many nights, sitting up until early hours, waiting for new products to go on sale. The life of a make-up addict.

Recently, Kylie brought out a new collection with her sister, Khole Kardashian. As soon as I saw this release, I fell in love with the packaging completely. Rose gold is just my fav and the signature drops look super effective.

The collection includes four lip products. Three of them are matte formulas and the fourth is a gloss. I already own quite a few of her products so I knew that I would love them. This cost $40.00 with shipping at $14.95. I also had to pay a custom charge. Getting Kylie Cosmetics can be super expensive but the products really make up for that.

The four shades are;
  • Gorg - A matte finish which is a dark purple.
  • OKURRR - A matte finish which is a pink/red.
  • Khlo$ - A matte finish which is a light brown nude.
  • Damn Gina - A gloss which is a beautiful nude pink with silver specks.
My favourite one at the moment is Khlo$ with Damn Gina on the top. Looks great for a natural finish, especially around Christmas. All the shades are very pigmented and look great with just one swipe. They last most of the day and rarely need re-application. Overall, I am super happy with them and will definitely carry on buying products from her.

Below are some swatches;

Friday, November 25, 2016

Another MAC Haul

I'm obsessed. But you already knew that so moving on... MAC have had quite a few new collections out recently, the biggest one being their Christmas one. This year, it is called the Nutcracker collection and as always, the packaging is beautiful. 

I picked up four things from the Nutcracker collection. They are; Viva Glam Lip Compact, Lipstick in Leap of Delight, Magic Dust Eyeshadow in Dance Flowers Dance and Sweet Peach Face Compact.

I brought the lip compact because I don't own many lip palettes. I never tend to go near them as I always think that they won't be as pigmented as a lipstick bullet. Recently, I tried a palette from Seventeen and it was actually really good. I've realised that as long as I have a good brush to apply them, they shouldn't be any different. Lip palettes are a great way to try a variety of shades.

The face compact includes a highlighter and a blusher. Both beautiful products! The lipstick is a dark purple matte shade and the eyeshadow is a pink shimmer.

I then brought two products from other collections, which are; Selena Lipstick in Dreaming Of You and In The Spotlight Extra Dimension Skinfinish in Beaming Blush.

Displaying IMG_2019.JPG

The lipstick is a beautiful deep matte red which is perfect for the winter. The skinfinish is absolutely stunning. Again, it's great for the Christmas period to add a little extra sparkle.

I really can't wait until the Mariah Carey collection comes out! The packaging is my favourite so far.

Until next time!

Friday, November 18, 2016

A New Beginning - Do What You Love

For anyone that reads my blog regularly, I just want to take the time to apologise for not posting in a while. To be completely honest with you, I've been going through a really tough time for the past couple of months which resulted in me losing the motivation to keep this page running, until recently.

As many of you know, the beauty industry is a huge interest of mine and one of my main passions. A few months ago, I decided to put that to the back of my mind and focus on something I deemed more future proof. There is so much pressure for young adults to know what they want to accomplish in their lives and I felt like failure because I seriously had no clue. I studied Medical Science throughout college and this opened up a few doors for me. The great thing about the course I undertook was that the job prospects were endless. I could go on and do anything I wanted, within the medical sector (obviously with a lot more training) but I didn't find that one opportunity that I knew for sure I wanted. I tried so many things; cosmetic science, medical administration and even counselling (which I still do now) but none of them made me feel truly happy at what I was doing.

Recently, this all kind of caught up with me. The feeling that I was a failure. That I would never feel like I belong. That my place in the world was pointless and that I wasn't contributing anything towards society. Around three years ago, I was diagnosed with depression and social anxiety (a whole other story) but with the help of therapy and medication, I finally learnt ways to deal with them but when situations like this happen, it takes me longer to push on through and see the 'light at the end of the tunnel'. But I did it. I got myself out of the funk.

I learnt a life lesson. As selfish as it may sound, you have to put yourself first. I was so determined to make everyone around me feel proud of my accomplishments that it even got to the stage of me lying to myself. I would tell myself that I was happy and that I was doing what I wanted but in reality, this was a big fat lie. I love doing make-up. I love helping people. And I love making a difference. So that's what I did. I very bravely, reduced my hours and set at researching new opportunities.

I am now studying Make-Up Artistry and Beauty Therapy as well as working for a charity in providing wishes for children with life-limiting conditions. But why am I writing this post?

I want to make a few changes as to the content I post on here. I will definitely still be posting beauty related posts weekly (believe me) but I also want to write about other things. Some of you may know that I am a full time wheelchair user. I want to post about my experiences with being disabled and all the things that come with it. But also about living as a normal 20 year old in this crazy world. So expect more rambling posts like this one!

I just want to end this post by encouraging you all to do what you love. Life is too short to feel underwhelmed and bored with your lifestyle. Make a change and be selfish.

35 Inspirational Quotes about Life #Inspirational  #Quotes:  inspiration quotes about life changes | Motivational Posters - Inspirational Quotes - Motivated by Living:

Friday, August 12, 2016

MAC Collection 2016: Trolls

Finally, the long-awaited Trolls collection has arrived in stores. I have been super excited for this upcoming collection because of the bright packaging. And also, who didn't love Trolls when they were a kid?

Although, this collection isn't for everyone. It includes many bright and colourful shades which aren't as wearable as many other MAC collections have been. I picked up the most wearable products as I'm not the type of girl who leaves make-up in my drawers for special occasions only. Here is what I purchased from the MAC 2016 Trolls Collection:

The first products I brought were the beauty powders. The two powders from this collection both have a pearlised finish and work really well as soft highlighters. I used the pink-toned one, named 'Play It Proper', for a setting powder underneath my eyes the other night and although the pigmentation wasn't great to stand alone, it really helped brighten the dark circles under my eyes (I have many!). I haven't yet used the gold-toned one named 'Glo Rida' yet, but just swatching it alone, I can tell that it is much more pigmented. I actually prefer to use highlighters that have more gold specks in so this powder looks perfect! 

I finally brought some lipglasses! I don't own any lipglasses from MAC so when I saw that these were part of the collection, I had to buy them. There are four available in this collection but the ones I purchased are 'Bubble Butt' and 'Glitter Grunge'. I don't tend to wear many lipglosses, purely because I can't stand it when my hair sticks to my lips, but when I swatched these in the shop, they were beautiful, I just had to buy them. Also, isn't the packaging the cutest thing!?

Finally, I brought a lipstick. A girl can never own too many lipsticks, right? Again, there are four lipsticks available. As I said before, this collection is full of bright colours so it was a hard choice choosing a colour. The one I chose is called 'Midnight Troll'. It is a matte finish (my favourite) and is a beautiful electric blue colour. Although this colour isn't easily wearable, I decided to buy it as it would be great for any fancy dress events. Especially as mermaids are my go-to! 

I hope you've enjoyed seeing some of the MAC Trolls collection. I just want to apologise for not posting in a while but I'm back and have tons of new products to show you!

Saturday, May 7, 2016

Urban Decay - Alice in Wonderland Launch Event

On Thursday, I was lucky enough to attend a launch event for the new Alice in Wonderland collection at Urban Decay. It was a lovely experience and I wanted to share it with you!

So, the event took place in House Of Fraser at the Urban Decay counter. White wooden chairs were lined up, facing a chair and desk decorated in materials, resembling a garden. Teacups filled with lipsticks, joined plastic cocktail glasses, filled with orange infused water and bowls of chocolate and biscuits, dotted the table.

The UD employees, all dressed up as Alice characters, introduced themselves before offering cake and drinks to the attendees. A description of the palette was given with reference to characters before the make-up masterclass began. A simple day look was created to begin with and was then compared to a smoky night look. The artist used several UD products, aswell as the new collection.

After the masterclass was finished, everyone got the chance to buy the new products. Unfortunately the lipsticks sold out within 15 minutes (before the event even started) but I was lucky enough to get my hands on two. I will post more about these, next time. Everyone managed to get a palette though which was great and a goody bag was given with any purchase from the new collection. This included samples of UD's cult classics.

It was a great experience and all the products are beautiful! I will be doing a post soon on two make-up looks, using the palette and also a post with more in depth photos.

Tuesday, February 23, 2016

My MAC Lipstick Collection

This post has been highly requested so I thought I would give it a go. I just want to disclaim that I am in no way bragging and I know I have more than I need. Make-up is a hobby and passion of mine and I love collecting it so please don't judge me! Although taking the photos for this post made me slightly sad as I realised how many of my favourites are running out but that's just an excuse to buy more. I haven't included swatches in this post but feel free to comment if you'd like to see them. Here goes!

So I've separated them into different finishes and tried to take photos that showed the colours. Starting with cremesheen finish, I own;

  • Only You - Part of the recent Ellie Goulding collection. I'm in love with the packaging!
  • Ravishing - Probably my least favourite of them all. It's a bright coral/orange which looks great for the summer but doesn't really suit my skin tone.
  • Peach Blossom
  • Without Your Love - Another one from the Ellie Goulding collection. I just had to get both!
  • Fanfare - My first ever MAC lipstick!

The next finish, I only own one of and that's lustre;
  • Royal Ball - Part of the Disney Cinderella collection. Not my typical colour choice but I couldn't resist the packaging!

My favourite finish of all, matte!;
  • Viva Glam Ariana Grande - My absolute favourite shade of lipstick and Ariana is my queen.
  • Kinda Sexy 
  • Oxblood - Part of the Toledo collection. Really dislike the packaging as it gets so dirty because of the material.
  • Evening Rendezvous - Part of the Magic of the Holiday collection. Love the packaging and the colour. A perfect lipstick!
  • Persistence - One of my newbies and already I wear it everyday.
  • Viva Glam III - Another beautiful berry shade. Can you tell that this is my favourite colour?
  • Velvet Teddy

Lastly is my satin finish collection;
  • Rebel - So close to finishing. Absolutely gutted!
  • Cyber - One of my favourite shades but doesn't seem to apply nicely to my lips. Need to play around with it a little more!
  • Amorous - Another newbie to my collection. A perfect everyday colour which goes with almost any make-up look.
  • Steam Heat - Part of the Wash & Dry collection. Another amazing packaging!

That is it! Searching through the website just shows how many more I really want to get. I better start saving!

Marks and Spencer Sell Make-Up!?

Every year, my Grandad always gets me Marks & Spencer vouchers for Christmas. Of course I am extremely grateful for this gift but I always struggle with what to buy. Last year I brought some PJ's and tights (soooo comfortable!) so I planned to do the same this year. Now, I know that M&S do their own brand of make-up called Autograph but I've tried their products before and didn't really get on with them. This was a few years ago so I'm sure the formulas have developed but I just seem to avoid those products. Anyway, I was on the floor on the with the PJ's and underwear and I spotted a beauty section. I decided to have a look around and I genuinely ended up dancing a little when I saw some of the brands they sold. I couldn't believe it. I spotted; Barry M, Bourjois, Pur, Nails Inc and the most surprising, Stila and Pixi. I quickly put all the stuff back that I had grabbed and ended up spending all of my vouchers on make-up. I'm not even sorry. Here's what I brought;

I went to the Stila counter first and picked up the Eyes are the Window eyeshadow palette in Soul. This palette has a hefty price tag but the colour selection is so pretty. It has a mixture of matte and satin finishes. Super happy with the purchase!

Stila Eyes are the Window Eyeshadow Palette in Soul

I then picked up Stila's One Step Skin Tone Illuminating Serum as I'd seen it all over the internet. As mentioned in a previous post, I never really reach for cream highlighters but the product was too hard to resist. I mean, how cool!? I then went to the Pixi counter and picked up their H2O Skin Tinted Face Gel. I am in love with the Pixi packaging and this product looked great for my holiday this summer. It looks like a really light and thin formula.

Stila One Step Skin Tone Illuminating Serum and Pixi H2O Skin Tinted Face Gel
I then got a Brow Gel from Stila which comes with a double ended brush. Again, I tend to use powders to shape by brows so I thought I would try something new. I also got a Eye Pencil from Pixi in Black/Blue to use on my water line. This colour really seems to make my eyes look bigger and brighter. 

Stila Stay All Day Brow Gel and Brush

Pixi Endless Silky Eye Pen in Black/Blue
I hope you've enjoyed seeing what I got in M&S! 

Friday, February 12, 2016

Drugstore Make-Up Haul

I went shopping. And we all know that when I go shopping, I can't help but buy make-up. It's such a bad habit to have but I just can't help myself. I thought I would share my findings with you.

The first things I brought are for my face. My favourite foundation is the Rimmel Stay Matte foundation and this Maybelline one looks very similar. I think I have probably got the wrong shade but it should be okay for the summer. I also brought an eye primer from Collection. The formula is so lovely. It's a gel texture and has small specks of shimmer in it. I love this in an eye primer as it means you can wear it alone also.

Collection Illuminating and Reviving Eye Primer + Maybelline Dream Velvet Foundation
I also brought a Sleek Highlighting Palette in Solstice which I'm in love with. I've been seeing them all over my Instagram and knew I had to get my hands on one. It seriously lived up to my expectations.

Sleek Highlighter Palette in Solstice

I then grabbed a couple of mascaras as I'm wanting to try a new one and I'd heard lots of things about the new Revlon ones so I picked up the one that seemed to most suit me. I also picked up the new Maybelline one.

Maybelline Push Up Drama Mascara + Revlon Ultra Volume Mascara

Next I brought some false eyelashes from Eyelure that are the new 'stick on' ones. They look so simple and easy to use so I can't wait to try them. I also brought a new gel eyeliner from Rimmel in Black which is just one of my everyday products that I needed to replace. Lastly, I brought an eyebrow crayon from Maybelline which I love. It's so easy to apply and allows you to create whatever shape you prefer.

Eyelure Express Lashes in 035 + Rimmel Scandalyes Gel Liner in Black

Maybelline Brow Drama Crayon in Medium Brown
I then obviously had to buy some lipsticks. I got one from Max Factor and one from Rimmel. The Max Factor one is part of the Marilyn Monroe collection which is a beautiful red and the Rimmel one is by Kate Moss.

Rimmel Kate Moss Lipstick in Nude 43 + Max Factor Lipstick in Marilyn Carbenet 

And that's it! I hope you enjoyed seeing my purchases,

Friday, February 5, 2016

Review - Benefit's Porefessional Matte Rescue

Benefit have done it again. Another new pore minimising product! This time, the product is aimed at people with more oily skin or people who prefer a matte finish when applying make-up. It claims to hydrate the skin and blur pores instantly as well as mattifying shine. 

Benefit include the statistics which say;
  • 92% said it mattifies instantly
  • 92% said skin feels clean and refreshes
  • 89% said it absorbs excess surface oil instantly
Obviously these statistics are super high so I decided to try it out myself.

Benefit Porefessional Matte Rescue - £21.50

So my first impression was good. The only thing that could've stopped me from buying it, is the fact that it is a gel formulation. I tend to use more creamy formulas as I find gel ones sticky and they take more time to absorb into my skin. I decided to get it anyway, as I always like to try new things. 

The great thing with this product is that you can use it alone, as a moisturiser or as a primer, underneath your foundation. It's a lovely product to start your make-up routine with as it is very refreshing and cooling, as stated. 

In regards to mattifying, the everyday shine on my skin, disappeared almost instantly. My preferred skin finish is matte so this product is perfect for me. 

If anybody is looking for a new primer, I highly recommend this product. Not only do you get a lot of product for your money, the formulation is amazing!

Friday, January 29, 2016

The Twin Tag

For anyone that doesn't know, I am a twin! I have a beautiful twin sister called Ceri who is my best friend and my soulmate. We have never done anything like this before so we thought it might be fun! Enjoy..

L-R: Me and Ceri

Question 1: Who is the oldest?

Me: I am the oldest but only by one minute.
Ceri: Beth is the oldest. It's only by a minute because I missed her too much!

Question 2: Can you show an old photo?

Ceri: Sure. We have included two as we couldn't decide! 
Me: The first one is from when we could walk and then the other one is just my favourite because we both look so happy.

L-R: Me and Ceri

L-R: Me and Ceri
Question 3: Favourite memory together is...
Ceri: I can't really think of one memory as there are way too many but I adore going to gigs with Beth. It's our time where we're really able to relax and dance the night away. She's the only person I can be myself around.
Me: Again, it's so hard to pinpoint one particular memory but I absolutely love going on our weekends away. We call it our 'twinnie bonding time' as we rarely get to see each other and this is the time we can just chat all night and not have to worry about anything.

Question 4: Each others' dream job?
Me: Ceri has always wanted to be a nurse. Ever since she was young, she's always had the passion to make people feel better. She'd be the one that would put my plasters on or 'kiss it better'. I just remember her having a little nurse trolley and uniform when she was tiny.
Ceri: Beth has always wanted to be a make-up artist. For as long as I can remember, she's been fascinated by make-up. When we were little, she used to sit for hours watching mum and our sister-in-law putting on their make-up. I always get her to do mine now and I'd be lost without her skills!

Doing Ceri's make-up.
Question 5: Who takes longer to get ready?
Ceri: Obviously Beth. I can get ready in 10 minutes and be ready to leave the house but Beth needs at least 30 minutes to do her make-up.
Me: I'm not even going to deny it!

Question 6: Do you have anything matching?
Me: No, not really. We have very different likes and dislikes.
Ceri: I think we might get matching tattoos in the future but that's it really.

L-R: Ceri and Me

Question 7: Did you ever dress alike?
Ceri: Yeah, mum used to dress us alike all the time but we hate it now.
Me: We either used to have matching or matching but different colours.

Question 8: Song that reminds you of the other person?
Ceri: Ah, I don't know! A song that reminds me of B is a song called 'The Remedy' by Jason Mraz. It's all about not letting the little things in life get you down. It's such a happy song and Beth is always the person to pick me up when I'm feeling miserable. 
Me: 'I'm Only Me When I'm With You' by Taylor Swift. It just describes how I feel when I'm with her so perfectly. She's the only person I can be myself around.

L-R: Me and Ceri

Question 9: Name one thing you can do well that the other can't?
Me: Ceri is extremely creative so she's better at that kind of stuff. She's also better at voicing her opinions and speaking out when it's necessary whereas I'm quite reserved.
Ceri: Beth is a lot better at socialising. She can talk to anyone and keep a conversation going but I find it really hard. She's also a lot better at makeup-y things!

Question 10: Do you have the same personalities?
Ceri: Aspects of our personalities are similar. For example, we're both quite headstrong and passionate about making a difference. We're also very accepting of people and love people way to easily!
Me: We have completely different coping mechanisms. Ceri can talk through her problems and will get over things quickly. She's very chilled out. I bottle my feelings up a lot and would rather deal with problems myself rather than get other people involved. It takes me a while to forgive people.

L-R: Me and Ceri

Question 11: Silliest question about being twins?
Me: I hate being asked if we can read each others minds! That's impossible.
Ceri: We do have a 'twinnie sense' though. I always know when she's upset. But I think that just comes with spending that much time with someone.

Question 12: Describe each other in one word.
Ceri: Passionate. Because she puts her whole entire heart and soul into everything she does. She loves people with every inch of her being and would never want to see someone hurt. She's so into making a difference and changing how people perceive the world.
Me: Selfless. She always puts other people first and leaves her problems behind if someone else is in need. She would rather suffer herself, than let other people down or see a person upset. 

L-R: Ceri and Me

Question 13: One thing that annoys you about the other?
Me: Ceri bites her nails. It's the smallest thing but it literally grinds one me.
Ceri: Her love of makeup, haha. All of her time is spent on making sure that she has enough content for her blog and looking up tips and reviews. She also never has any money! 

Question 14: If you could go anywhere in the world together, where would it be?
Me: Los Angeles. There seems to be so much to do there and so many experiences to have. I would absolutely love to share them with Cez and just have some time together, in the sun.
Ceri: Hawaii. The place just seems so peaceful and I would love to just relax with Beth and spend some time away from this crazy world.

L-R: Ceri and Me

Question 15: Nicknames you have for each other?
Ceri: It's kinda boring but I call her B. Like a little bumble bee. 
Me: I call her Chummie. She's my happiness and my chum. 

Question 16: What does the other order at fast food restaurants?
Me: Ceri orders anything chicken related. Whether that be chicken strips, chicken nuggets, you name it, she'll have it.
Ceri: Beth's favourite is Chinese food. She usually orders Sweet and Sour chicken and pinches a bit of everyone else's too.

L-R: Me and Ceri

Question 17: Favourite thing about each other?
Ceri: Her ability to make me laugh in any situation. She always knows how to cheer me up.
Me: My favourite thing about Ceri is her personality. She's so good-willed and literally brings light into my life. I honestly wouldn't be where I am without her and I am forever thankful for the relationship we have.

Question 18: Favourite inside joke?
Me: There's just too many!
Ceri: We just goof around a lot.

Are you identical?
Ceri: Yes.
Me: Although we totally disagree.

L-R: Ceri and Me

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