Monday, October 27, 2014

My Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Where did your username come from?
A. It took me forever to decide on a final name. I knew I wanted to include 'B' as this is a name my friends and family call me. The two other words just seemed to fit perfectly!

Q. Why do you write this blog?
A. I started writing this blog because it was something to do in my spare time. I love all things beauty, fashion and writing so it just seemed to be a perfect hobby! It's also a good way to get involved with the community.

Q. Who are my favourite bloggers?
A. Some blogs that I like to read are zoella, chloe morello, fleur de force and sprinkle of glitter.

Q. What is my favourite makeup brand?
A. A have a many favourite make-up brands! Some include MAC, YSL, Benefit and Urban Decay. I also love my drugstore brands too. I love trying out new brands and my favourites are forever changing.

Q. Who designed your blog?
A. My blog was designed by the amazing Tori. Without her, this blog would not be at the level it is!


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