Saturday, April 11, 2015

OOTD; Winter Walk

Although summer is fast approaching and the sun has finally made an appearance, there is still a super cold breeze outside. Looking out the window, it is very deceiving and can be hard to choose the perfect outfit for the day.

Me and a couple of friends decided to take a short walk around a nearby country park. We always seem to go there because it is always peaceful and quiet. It's a great place to chat and relax but, in the winter, it can be very cold as there aren't many indoor places. Below is my choice of outfit for the day;

Jumper: Booohoo, Skirt: Boohoo, Jacket: Bank Fashion

Necklace: New Look

Shoes: New Look, Ring: Wish

Handbag: New Look, Scarf: River Island
I found that I didn't get too cold but in the future, I may choose some leggings instead. Whenever I go on these walks, I realise that I'm super lucky to live in such a beautiful place. Can't wait for the weather to get better!


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