Friday, January 15, 2016

My Nail Polish Storage and Collection

Recently I purchased a nail polish rack to put up on my wall. This is because all of my nail polishes were just thrown into a drawer but it started over-flowing. I used to get a subscription box called Nailbox that came every month with five new polishes; these being both high end and drugstore. I absolutely loved receiving it but I literally had no more space to store things. I'd seen a few blog posts on this type of storage and knew I had to get something similar so I just Amazon'd it and found this!

I have a European/French theme in my bathroom and this suits the decor perfectly. You can get it in many different colours and because of the material, it is easy to spray paint a different colour. The one I brought is £29.49 and holds around 100 bottles. It's available here.

Here are the shelves singly and the way I have organised my nail polishes;

The top row of the rack holds all of my Barry M nail polishes. These are definitely my favourite brand and I own ALOT of them. The row is actually doubled up! I organised them in collections.

The next row holds some more drugstore nail polishes. The brands on this shelf are Elf, Rimmel and Topshop. Again, they are organised in collections.

The next row holds a mixture. There are Tanya Burr and Sally Hansen nail polishes first and then all my OPI ones. I absolutely love OPI polishes and am always buying the gift sets for myself around Christmas. 

The fourth row holds a complete mixture of different brands. These include; True Brit, Nails Inc, Avon, Bourjois, NCLA, Lottie London, New Kid, Sinful Colours, Colour Club and Lollipops. Again, there is more polishes stored behind them.

The last row then holds all of my top and base coats, some sample nail polishes and lastly, my Essie ones. 

I hope you enjoyed a quick tour of my nail varnish rack,


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