Friday, November 14, 2014

Review - Nicky Clarke Colour Prolong Hair Straightener

So, my beloved GHD hair straighteners broke and me being the idiot I am, failed to keep any receipts or evidence. They were the wide plated ones, perfect for my thick hair and I had a bit of a panic when they stopped working one morning. I went straight onto the GHD website, about to add some to my basket, when I realised that instead of spending tons of money on some new ones, I would try out some cheaper ones. So I did some research and these were the ones I came across, Nicky Clarke - Colour Prolong. I couldn't quite believe how cheap they were, compared to my usual ones and the reviews looked great. I thought I would do a quick review and share my opinion.

First glance, these hair straighteners look very professional and I love the design of them. The blue plates make them look super sophisticated and unique. The button to turn them on is a similar design to the GHDs but you can also change the temperature. For me, this is something that worries me as I have no idea how hot my hair should get or how effective the lower temperature is. It takes a lot of trial and error to find the temp that works so this isn't great if in a rush but it's nice to have the option!

Another great feature of these straighteners is the lock and unlock button. It makes them smaller and compact to fit into luggage and are ideal to take on trips away. Although, the length of the wire could be an issue. It's a lot shorter than I'm used to and could be a problem if there isn't a plug socket close to the mirror. Also, compared to GHDs, my hair doesn't seem to stay as straight, as it did, for a long period of time and I usually end up re-straightening in the evening.

                                            Nicky Clarke Colour Prolong Hair Straightener

With all things considered, I am pretty happy with my purchase. I love trying new things and am super glad that I gave another brand a chance! 


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